In early 2017 founder Sabine Spare left her full-time job as a seamstress to pursue creating an accessories brand.


The part of the story that never gets told is that this meant taking on several part time jobs to pay her bills. These jobs included working at a restaurant, a gym, a not-for-profit, a brewery, a floral design company and on a film. She sweat it out as a teacher, a social media manager, and an installation partner. Her jobs had irregular schedules, taking her to other cities and at times other countries.


Carving out time whenever possible, she honed her craft, making durable and well designed products for Spare Label. What she did not expect was how much she would learn from her gigs and part-time jobs, particularly about the value of reliable gear.

The inspiring people she met along the way showed her that the path to meaningful work is paved with carting around a lot of stuff.


Sabine connected with people who had left their soul sucking desk jobs to pursue freelancing and people who were fearlessly running their own businesses. They were always on the go- ride share, bike, plane, however they got around they were unanimously carrying their office on their shoulders. Literally. 

The new generation of location independent workers inspired Spare to create a bag just for them (and for herself). It would carry the status symbol of a brief case combined with the functionality of a backpack. Named after the professional badasses changing the landscape of work, the Badpack was born.



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